Leadership 101 (I Timothy 3)

“Therefore an overseer must…” I Timothy 3:2

In our day-to-day living there are some musts in our lives.  You and I must have air to breathe.  Our heart must pump blood or we die.  You must have transportation to travel the entire globe.  You must like Kentucky Basketball to get to heaven  🙂  Maybe I was off about the last must.

In a local church there are also some musts. One of those musts is to have qualified spiritual leaders.  Notice I did not say perfect leaders!  Here in I Timothy three, Paul gives us 14 qualifications for a pastor.  Why did God chose these qualifications?  God knew these qualifications were and still are musts for the health and ministry of every local church, (2:15).

If any one of these qualifications are neglected or disregarded, trouble is sure to come to the local church.  Paul writes, “So that he might not fall into disgrace and into the snare of the Devil.”  

Pastors and deacons must want to strive to fulfill these qualifications. Church members must genuinely help leaders fulfill these qualifications.

If you are a pastor or deacon here are some helps for your life:

  • Daily keep these qualifications in the forefront of your mind.
  • Be honest with other leaders about the weaknesses in your life.
  • Daily meet with God for accountability and strength,
  • Be accountable to others.
  • Strive with all of your being to obey your calling.
  • Walk in the power of the Holy Spirit and crucify the flesh.

If you are a church member, here is how you can help your church leaders:

  • Pray for the success and protection of your leaders.
  • Help your leaders to carry out their calling.
  • Make sure you lovingly hold leaders accountable.
  • Walk along side of leaders to insure the church will become what God has called it to be.

This day I am praying for all the churches I have connection with.  May God bless you with Godly leadership for His glory!!!

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