Why is it important? ( I Timothy 4)

16 Keep a close watch on yourself and on the teaching. Persist in this, for by so doing you will save both yourself and your hearers. I Timothy 4:16

One of the many things I have learned in ministry is simply: every hill is not worth dying
on!  There are some things in ministry which are good but they are not worth dying for.  I also learned early the importance of choosing ones battles.
Someone once said, “if you are screaming about every battle in life, you will have no audience when a significant battle occurs.”
As Paul writes to Timothy in chapter 4, Paul’s instruction is very pointed.  The subject matter is false teachers.  The Holy Spirit had revealed both the coming and teaching of false teachers. In this chapter Paul gives an illustration of false teaching and how to answer correctly,
Paul instructs Timothy to put these things before the people. Timothy was to teach the Word of God.  This was “The” hill to die on!
Maybe you ask, Why is this the hill to die on?  Paul would respond, because the souls of men, women, boys, and girls hang in the balance.
Timothy was to fight for the souls of all people by openly sharing God’s Word through teaching, sharing in conversations, giving wisdom to people, and by living out what the Word of God was teaching.  This was a fight worth having.
Timothy was not to take his eyes off this work.  The more he fought the good fight the more people would be saved.
Two questions at this point:
     1. What are you fighting for?
     2. What hills are you dying on?
Brothers and sisters, let us fight and die for the sake of the gospel.  The souls of all people are worth the fight!

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