Unique (Leviticus 19)

”Speak to all the congregation of the people of Israel and say to them, You shall be holy for I a the Lord your God is Holy.” Leviticus 19:2

To say that the world is different is would be a major understatement.  The culture and the climate of the people in Malawi is so different and the way people approach life in Malawi is different.  This morning we meet with the pastors in our network of Hope for the Future.  Each of the pastors come with unique problems and unique opportunities to make Christ know in their part of the world.

I often wonder, am I pushing my American culture on them or am I committed to gospel-centered purposes of life?

As I read our text for the day I was reminded of how often people just want to fit in instead of stand out for the gospel.

Here in this chapter God says, be who I have called you to be.  I believe Scripture is clear, Israel often wanted to be like other nations.  We see an example of this in I Samuel 8 and 9.

However, God wanted His people to be different. God was calling His people to be different in where they were living and where they were headed.  The nations surrounding them had the following characteristics:

  • They dishonored each other, especially their parents.
  • They had no day set aside to worship the one true and living God.
  • They worshipped idols of their own making.
  • They only cared for themselves.  They refused to help the poor.
  • They stole, lied, and they cheated one another.
  • They abused those who were not able to care for themselves.

Does this sound familiar in your context in the world?

God was very specific with His moral laws because the people faced the pressure of sin from within themselves and from the sin of the world.   Such people needed clear reminders of how they were to live.

It is the same with Christians today.  We need to always set the Lord before us!  We need to daily seek the Lord in our walk and in our witness.  Oh how He wants you and I to be a light to our world (Matt. 5:13-16).  If this is to happen we will have to overcome the world system that always is pulling and calling us to follow it’s ways.

This day I want to set before these pastors, the Lord and His ways!  May you and I do the same in every place we find ourselves in this world.

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