Something Against You (Genesis 4)

If you do well, will you not be accepted? And if you do not do well, sin is crouching at the door? It’s desire is for you but you must rule over it.”  Genesis 4:7

Yesterday was an amazing day here in Malawi with over 30 people responding to the gospel in the new church plant started by Hope for the Future.  As I preached I watched the Holy Spirit grasp the hearts of the people as even all the children because quiet as I preached the gospel.  The shouts of joy were amazing as people filled with sin became free in Jesus.

Oh, how I long for our nation to come to the freedom of Jesus.  Most in our nation and around the world do not realize they have “something against them.”

You ask, What is against us?

We see an evidence of this in Genesis 4.  The chapter begins with the word “now.”  This word pierces the heart of any Biblical Scholar because this word makes the transition from the garden of sinlessness to a world that has now been plugged into sin and the curse.

Think about how quickly the world was impacted by sin.  Cain kills his brother.  Today those words are so familiar to us. People are hating, fighting, and killing each other every day.  It does not even seem to bother us. But on the day written of in Genesis 4, it sent shock waves through the first family.

We must ask: What happened to Cain?  Was this just a moment of sudden rage that came as a result of an argument between the brothers?  The Bible is clear, I John 3:12, Cain was a man who’s life was characterized by unrighteous deeds.

His brother’s life was just the opposite.  Over a period of time jealously and pride rose up in Cain.  Hatred began to fill his heart and then his mind.  When God called Cain out, he simply ignored God’s warning.

Instead of humbly repenting Cain chose to allow Hell’s rage to fill his mind.  Within seconds his brother was dead.

The truth is, Cain could receive God’s forgiveness, but the deed was done.  Here in warm and friendly Africa there are many people who have something against them that will destroy them and will destroy others unless something happens.  It is the same where you live.  Only when Christ is Lord of a person’s life will their viewpoint of life change.

This week, let us seek God’s viewpoint concerning life and God’s viewpoint concerning our hearts.  May the way of Cain be far from us!!!

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