Connecting the dots (Revelation 12; John 11; Zechariah 8)


“11 And they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death.”  Revelation 12:11

Usually at Christmas time we often take one of two paths:

  • Think about the many memories of Christmas gone by.

In these moments we look back joyfully, sometimes tearfully, and always with a view of what has been.

  • Think about the moment we are in.

In these moments we often focus on gift buying, gift receiving, or the inability to give and receive gifts.

In both moments we can get tunnel vision.  However, God’s Word gives us a wide-angle view of what is taking place in the world (i.e. “Connecting the dots”.)

Revelation twelve helps us to connect the dots of all history:

  1. The memory of a nation (Israel) and it’s promised Messiah (Jesus), Vs: 1-2.
  2. The memory of Satan (Dragon) and his pursuit of the Messiah, Vs: 3-4.
  3. The memory of the war between Satan and the Messiah, in which the victory was won on the cross, Vs: 5-10.
  4. The joy of knowing the war will be over when the Messiah returns for a second-time, Vs: 11-17.

This is the wide-angle view we need each Christmas so that our hope is firmly planted in the hope that is to come.  We need this view so that we know the best is yet to come!!!

Make Christmas a place of happy memories and hope for the future as you share the greatest story ever told, Luke 2:10-11!!!


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