Going To Church

“To the church of the Thessalonians in God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ: grace to you and peace.”  I Thessalonians 1:1

Recently I was talking with a young family in our church.  This family had been blessed to see two of their daughters come to know Christ during our VBS.  As we shared together, I discovered that the husband had grown up going to church.  As we talked, his wife said, “He was dragged to church as a kid.”

I immediately knew what she was referring to, as I also had grown up in church.  My mother had gone to church since her early life.  She came to Christ as a teenager at a Christian camp and had been faithfully following Christ since those days.  But my father was different.  He did not attend church and when he and my mother married, he still would not attend.  My earliest memories of church were going without him.  But that all changed when I was six.  My dad attended a revival at our church and God opened his heart to the gospel and everything changed.  From that moment on, our entire family was committed to church.  I praise God for those days now, but I can remember as a teenager wanting to stay home on Sunday nights.  So I can identify with my friend.

However there was a moment when everything began to click and I wanted to go to church as a young man.  This morning’s More For Christ readings, I Thessalonians 1:1-2:11, help us to see the desire of a family (A faith family) to go to church.  We know them to be the Thessalian  family.  Notice their lives:

1.  Their character proved they had a passion for Jesus, Vs: 3-4

This family walked in faith, labored in love, and had a steadfast hope.

2.  Their calling was powerful in that they responded to the gospel, Vs: 5-9

The gospel came through a preacher who was filled with the Spirit and with the Word of God.  This gospel convicted, cleansed, and challenged this family to live a different way.

Their convictions were a powerful witness to the gospel, Vs: 5-10

They immediately began spreading the gospel in their hometown and fruit was immediately seem in the lives that were being changed.  As people encountered this family they encountered people who were expecting to meet Jesus and they wanted to be ready.

I must confess, I would have loved to have gone to church with these people.  And I confess that I want to be a part of a church like that today.

For this to happen today, I must be willing to examine my character and my convictions.  And I must be willing to submit both to Christ’s adjustment.  This day, I challenge you to become the follower of Christ that causes others to want to go to church with you!

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