Fully Aware

“For you yourselves are fully aware that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night.”  I Thessalonians 5:2

Question, “Are you fully aware of your surroundings and what is taking place in those surroundings?” Chances are, there are very few of us who have an understanding of all that is taking place around us. For example, “Recently John and I met a guy who happened to be staying in the same motel as we were.  We began to talk and discovered that we had been  at the very same hotel in the same city one year ago.  We had visited some of the same attractions and had eaten at the same places.  But because of our focus on our own agenda we did not notice each other.

This mornings, More For Christ readings focus on the last chapter of I Thessalonians.  In this chapter Paul informs the church at Thessalonica concerning two things they were to be fully aware of:

1.  The coming of the Lord

The first eleven verses speaks about that moment when Jesus returns to the earth.  Two things stand out in these verses.  First, “No sinner will escape judgment when the Lord comes.”  In these verses we see the seriousness illustrated with such terms as, “Thief in the night, Sudden destruction, and labor pains.” Second, “God’s expectations for the follower of Christ.”  We are to be alert and we are to be aligned to Christ.

Bottom line,  the church must be aware of its surroundings.  Jesus is coming again and all who are without Christ will stand before the judge and they will spend eternity apart from God in hell.  We as believers must align our lives so that the gospel is our priority.

2.  The completing of our Sanctification

In Vs: 24 we read, “he who calls you is faithful, he will surely do it.”  What will he surely do?  He will sanctify you completely.  When our Lord returns he will judge the sinner and he will sanctify completely the saint of God.  We will finally be perfected.

Brothers and sisters, this gives me great insight to my surroundings.  I suddenly am aware that all I am facing is God’s work of sanctification.  He is preparing me for the day I will meet Him.  I am aware that there is much I need to do (Vs: 12-22) and there is much I need  to commit myself to.

This day, I am fully aware that we as people are one day closer to his return and we must rejoice in and submit to his sanctifying process.  We also must reach out in the Spirit’s power with the gospel to those who are perishing.

My prayer is that all we have read together will make you and I fully aware of all that is taking place in us and around us.

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