Three Futile Attempts

“A third time he said to them, ‘why, what evil has he done?’ I have found in him no guilt deserving of death.  I will therefore punish and release him.”  Luke 23:22

Our more for Christ readings, “Luke 23:13-43,” cover the trials of Jesus before both Pilate and Herod and scenes from the cross.  As I read these verses I found myself crying out to God for fresh eyes and a focused heart to what God’s Word was communicating.

Suddenly as I read Vs: 22, “A third time,” I was taken back by the number of times Pilate tried to secure Jesus freedom from the cross.  Follow the scenes with me:

1.  Pilate’s first attempt:  “I will punish and let him go.” Vs: 18-19

The people did not agree.  They were now a mob.  They asked for a murderer  instead.

2.  Pilate’s second attempt: ” He desired to release him.” Vs: 20-21

At this moment the people shouted, “crucify him, crucify him.”  They would not stop shouting.

3.  Pilate’s third attempt: “What evil has he done?”  Vs: 22-23

Again, it is useless.  They are urging and they are demanding.  Finally their voices prevail.  Here is the commentary, “So Pilate decided that their demands should be granted.”  In this moment I thought, “Wow, his attempts to change the crowd were futile.”  But then I realized how wrong I was.  The fact is, “his attempts to change the plan of God were futile. Jesus was destined to go to the cross and this man could not stop the redemption of man.

This was God’s will.  I challenge you to read Isaiah 53:11-12 and discover the beauty of God’s plan for us.  This morning I take away from this study a renewed desire to know and follow God’s will in everything.  I realize there can be moments when I have good intentions but if they are not God’s intentions, I am fighting the will of God.

Lord, we submit this day and this hour and this moment into your hands.  We will follow you.

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