Death, Burial, and…

“The women who had come with him from Galilee followed and saw the tomb and how his body was laid.” Lk 24:53

This past week former Major League Baseball star, Roger Clemens, was acquitted of all charges that he lied to congress under oath 5 years ago.  The charges came as a result of many who believed he along with others had taken enhancement drugs during his playing days.  He denied it and 5 years later still denies it.  Just last week a jury agreed.  But the question remains, “what will be the and of his life?”  History will record, “Roger Clemens acquitted of crimes and…”

Brothers and sisters this often is the problem with our lives.  There are things we know but the unknown variable is the “and”.  The fact is our legacy depends on the  “and.”  I will go as far as to say, “Our eternal legacy depends on the and.”

This mornings, “More For Christ,” readings, Lk 23:44-24:18,” speak to this issue.  This passage is Luke’s overview of Jesus death, burial, and…”

The death of Jesus, Vs: 44-49 

Luke’s gives us and overview as we see several things:  1) There is darkness over the land 2) The veil of the temple is torn in two 3) Jesus declares, “Into thy hands I commend my spirit.”  In this we see the price of our sin be paid in full. Man can now be forgiven and have access to God.

The burial of Jesus, Vs: 50-56

Luke again gives us and overview of several things: 1) A man takes his stand 2) Women see where He is buried 3) The tomb was unique so we again could know of the and.  In this we see clearly that Jesus paid for our sin with his own life.  He shed his own blood for you and me.

The and (Resurrection) of Jesus, 24:1-18

Luke in this glorious scene helps us to see the glorious “and” of Jesus life.  “He is not here, but has risen.”  In the “and” we understand this very fact, “Because He lives we also live.”  By his resurrection we have victory over the grace.  We have power to live a resurrected life, defeating our old nature and Satan himself.

Question, “Has the “and” kicked in your life?” The power of the resurrection must be evident in one’s life if he or she is to live for Christ.  This very day, I praise the Lord for the “and.”  This very day I seek to walk in the power of the resurrection.  We can proclaim with the saints of old, “I was dead and I was buried by my sins, but Jesus came in and now I live in the power of His resurrection.”

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