Under House Arrest

“And when we came into Rome, Paul was allowed to stay by himself, with the soldier that guarded him.” Acts 28:16

Has there been moments in your life when you felt like your hands were tied?  I mean, you wanted to change where you were and what you were facing.  The fact is, most people spend large amounts of their lives trying to get out of where they are because they believe, “If I can get in a better position I can do more for Christ.”  This brothers and sister is often a lie of the enemy.

Consider Paul’s circumstances.  He is finally in Rome, Acts 28:11-31.  He is able to set up headquarters in a rented house.  But there is one catch.  Paul is under house arrest as a prisoner of Rome.

Certainly Paul could have been stressed over his circumstances and certainly Paul could have said, “This is no place to do ministry.”  But the opposite is the case.  Paul begins to receive as many people as possible and begins to share the gospel.  The next two years Paul would be extremely productive as he shared Christ with soldiers, people from all walks of life, and he would write several books of the bible.  All of this while being under house arrest.

Here is what Paul said, recorded by Luke: “it is for the hope of Israel that I am wearing these chains.” This was all a part of God’s plan for the furtherance of the gospel.  Question, “What are you facing today that seems like it has your hands tied?”

Consider the fact that the cross did not look like the best thing for Jesus.  But it was God’s plan for the salvation of mankind (Hope of Israel).  Jesus willingly went to the cross because this was the place where He would finish His mission.

So I say to those who read this today, “Be faithful where God has placed you.”  Allow Him to complete His work in and through you.  In His own timing He will move you from where you are.  Paul was be released after 2 years.  You will be released for your next assignment in God’s timing.  I encourage you to trust God in all of this and get to work with joy where you are this very day.

For further study, “Consider Paul’s letter to Philippians while he was under house arrest.” 

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