How Can You Use This?

“The soldiers plan was to kill the prisoners, lest anyone should swim away and escape.” Acts 27:42

This morning I was gripped by the wonder of God’s providence in our More For Christ readings, Acts 27:39-28:10.  These verses chronicle Paul in two difficult places.  The first place was in a storm where the soldiers made plans to kill him and all the prisoners because they did not want them to escape.  The second place was by the shore when a snake decided to connect with Paul’s arm.

The fact is, “Sometimes life does not make sense.”  There are moments when, in a weakened faith moment, we question God’s wisdom in what comes our way.  However, if we can just hold onto faith we will be able to see God’s providence at work in our lives.

In these verses we discover God at work in saving all of the prisoners because Paul was liked by the solider in charge.  In these verses we discover God at work in protecting Paul from the ill effects of a snake bit.  This miracle positioned Paul to be able to share the gospel with the people of Malta.

Personally I can see Romans 8:28 all over this passage, “All things work together for Good for those who love the lord and are called according to His purpose.”  Paul loved the Lord and He trusted in God’s movements in his life.  Paul knew his purpose and He knew that everything that came his way was “Working,” to accomplish this purpose.

This foundational truth gave Paul the strength to carry on during difficult days.  Without a doubt there are difficulties that are in front of you today.  I know there are in front of me.  But one thing is for sure, “If God be for us, who can be against us.”  

This day, I encourage you in the midst of your storm to look to Jesus and consider what He is really doing.  And when you cannot see what He is doing,  make a settled decision to trust in His decision-making.  This will bring a settled peace that will cause you to weather the storm because you are in His hands.

For further reading, “Romans 8, II Corinthians 1.”  

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