As We Have Opportunity

“So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, especially to those who are of the household of faith,” Gal. 6:10

This morning, I found myself confronted with a reality that comes very timely for me.  Here is what I was confronted with, “For there will never cease to be poor in the land.  Therefore, I command you, ‘You shall open wide your hand to the poor, in your land.” Deut. 15:11.   

Reason would argue, “If people needing help never ends, then what is the use?”  Such a question is asked by many people in the world.  Question, “How would you answer such a question?”  Certainly we can and should respond, “I can’t make a difference in everyone’s life but I can made a difference in many people’s lives.”  This is a great answer.  However, could I possibly suggest an even better answer?

Lord, you have created me and you have selected for me many opportunities to make a difference in Jesus name.  So please teach me to be mindful of the opportunities you give me.”

This morning, I was lead to pray this way because of my readings in Galatians 6.  The first ten verses can be broken into two points:

I.  A description of the people we have opportunity with:

1) People who are caught in trespasses, Vs:1.  These are people who are sinners and their guilt has left them broken.

2)  People who are burdened, Vs: 2.  Something has left their life out-of-place and they need help.

3)  People who are bearing a load, Vs: 5.  Every child of God has issues of life that give us opportunity to help.

4)  People who are ministering to others,  Vs: 6.  This very day, God has placed others in your path who have ministered to you.  Now is your opportunity.

I. A description of the proper way to help:

1)  Resist the flesh-do not spend your life on yourself.  Invest in others.

2)  Reside in the Spirit-do not walk in the flesh (Old Nature).  Walk in the new nature (Spirit-filled).

3)  Reach out in grace-the world around us is facing abuse after abuse.  Some is inflicted by others. Some is inflicted by self.  Either way, the aroma of Christ is a welcomed and eternal gift from heaven.

This very day, opportunity is all around you.  Cease the opportunity for the glory of Christ with the confidence that you have been called to make a difference.

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