Thanksgiving Pt. 4

“Who can discern his errors?  Declare me innocent from hidden faults.  Keep back your servant also from presumptuous sins; let them not have dominion over me!  Then I shall be blameless, and innocent of great transgression.” Psalm 19:12-13

On this Thanksgiving morning, followers of Christ arise with the blessed assurance that we have been forgiven of our sins. This truth was so clear in my readings in Leviticus 4-7 and Hebrews 2.  In these readings I found great reason to be thankful that in all of the sacrifices we find a picture of Christ sacrifice for our sins.  This day you and I have much to be thankful for.

One of those things, we have to be thankful for, is the blessing of being an American.

Today, is a day that is set aside for every American to be reflect upon the blessing of our heritage.  The Puritan’s certainly came to The America’s to gain a ray of religious freedom, (For this we are thankful), but a deeper study of our history reveal that these people also came with economic overtures as well. The people who came believed they could make a new way of life that included economic prosperity.

Here is what one Historian wrote about the day of Puritanism in America, “The Puritan Revolution in England made little impact on other parts of the country.  By now settlers were more interested in growing tobacco and opening new lands for cultivation than in the religious strife in England.  Their former Puritanism had lost vigor in the midst of economic prosperity.” (The Story Of Christianity, Gonzalez, Pg 221)

Today, on this day of thanksgiving our nation stands at the cross roads of her future.  She has already started down the wrong path and has been on this wrong path for many years.  The question I have is this, “How do we turn it around and get on the right road?”  Some would respond by saying, “We have to go back to our heritage.”

In one sense I would agree, “We need to go back to the days when our nation acknowledged God as the sole source of our success.”  However I would also suggest that we go even father back to the day when Christ came.  I would suggest that this nation needs to come to a place of repentance before God.  We need to come to a place where we submit to Jesus lordship in our lives.

Chapters 4-7 in the book of Leviticus reminds us that at best we are sinners.  At best we can offer sacrifices that could never remedy our sin problem.  However, I have good news,  2000 years ago, Jesus Christ gave us a remedy for our sin problem, “He made propitiation for the sins of the people,” Heb 2:18.

Jesus accomplished in one sacrifice what all the Old Testament sacrifices could not, “Complete forgiveness of sins.”  On this Thanksgiving day, I both pray for repentance and awakening in our nation.  On this Thanksgiving day, I offer thanksgiving to my Lord:

Lord, I thank you that I find total forgiveness in you.  I praise you for the power to overcome sin.  I worship you for winning the victory over death so that I can have eternal life.  You alone are worthy of praise this day.  

2 Responses to “Thanksgiving Pt. 4”

  1. Brian Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving pastor Keith!

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