How Should You Respond?

In our culture it is very rare to receive a letter from someone.  I cannot remember when the last time I received a letter.  In this day and age every one emails, texts, or twitters.  But whether it is a letter, email, text, or twitter we have a big responsibility in how we respond.

Consider Paul in I Corinthians 7, “Now concerning the matter about which you wrote…” Apparently Paul had received a letter from this church outlining several problems that were in the church.  In each response Paul used a particular type of response that we need to model in all of our responses, “To the rest I say, I not the Lord.”  In these particular circumstances our Lord had not spoken to when He walked among men.  However Paul speaks to this particular circumstance under God’s inspiration.

In our lives we have a choice in our responses.  We can either respond with God’s word or with our word.  Recently I had to make a tough decision.  It was a decision that I could have chosen to make in great haste with emotion governing my thoughts.  But as I drove to the place where I was to make the decision, I chose to pray and to listen to the voice of God (through His word).  As I listened, my spirit calmed and I was able to think clearly without emotional attachment.  I am happy to say, by His grace, the decision turned out to be a God thing.

As I read through chapter 7 in the book of I Corinthians, I thought, “If those who read this chapter would only heed its word, how wonderful their relationships and responses would be.”  So on this monday morning, I ask, “What email, text, twitter, or circumstance do you have to respond to this day?”  Allow me to encourage you to stop what you are doing and lay your decision before the Lord.  Ask the Lord, how you should respond.  Listen for His response.  This response will always be consistent with His word.

By the time you arrive in chapter 9 you realize that this among many other Christian disciples must become a priority.  Here is how Paul described this, “But I disciplined my body and keep it under control,” 9:27.  May the Lord grant you the ability to live this way so that all of your responses would glorify God.   Have a great week in Jesus name.


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