What Will You Do? (Esther 1-4)

 14 For if you keep silent at this time, relief and deliverance will rise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” Esther 4:14

Imagine if you awakened tomorrow morning with an email in your inbox that said, anyone with your last name was to report to the local police station. Imagine if you called the station and found out that the state had ordered all people with your last name to be annihilated within three days.

Brothers and sisters, this is exactly what happened with Queen Esther. A wicked man fueled by his hatred for one man fueled his hatred for an entire people group. This one man was in a position where he could make it happen.

At the same time, God had positioned one person, Esther, who could if she chose to stand in the gap for her people. Take a moment and consider her options:

  • She could remain silent and watch her people be annihilated.
  • She could speak out and identify with her people at the possible cost of her own life.

Brothers and sisters, in a much wider and broader sense. A wicked angel by the name of Satan fueled by his hatred of Jesus hates all people who call themselves Christians. His goal is our total annihilation. Do not think for one minute, that because you live in America or some other free country, that you are safe.

Satan is after you and your family as he is after mine. Each day we decide before we leave our homes, how we will live out our day. Personally, I will speak out because one greater than Esther came to this world for such a time as this (John 3:16). He gave His life so I could live my life in spiritual freedom and for the sake of reaching others.

According to John 15 the world will continue to come after the child of God, but we have an anointing from the Holy One (John 16:12) to know the truth and to stand in the truth.

As I bring this to conclusion, I must ask: Are you facing a tough moment that may cost you? If so, I ask, what will you do? I pray you take the illustration of Esther to heart. God has called you for such a time as this.

I am praying for you!

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