What is Your Part? (I Chronicles 23-25)

30 And they were to stand every morning, thanking and praising the Lord, and likewise at evening,  I Chronicles 23:30

Several days ago I sent to several of my accountability brothers a link to a certain sermon. The sermon focused on the need of awakening in the church. One of the brothers was convicted in the area of corporate worship. He wrote to us the following: “We need to tell our on-line audience that we do not want them to be on-line next week. You need to be in church somewhere next week.”

At first glance the rest of us thought, how insensitive this brother was. But the longer we chewed on what he said we were each reminded of how important it is to worship the Lord in His house.

On-line worship is for those who cannot come to church or for those who do not have a Bible-believing church around them. Plus it is also a place for those without Christ to explore faith and to come to genuine faith in Christ.

In-person corporate worship is more valuable than words of pen can write. The Psalmist David understood this. Over and over in his writings we are called to corporate worship. For example, Psalm 122:1 “I was glad when they said, let us go into the house of the Lord.”

David so believed in corporate worship that his last duties as king were to organize the leaders for worship:

  • David organized the Levites to direct the program and care of the worship service, 23:24.
  • David organized the Priests to lead in sacrifice and intercession in the worship service, 24:1-30.
  • David organized the musicians to lead in the worship in the worship service, 25:3,7.

Brothers and sisters, you and I both have a role to play in worship. Jesus said, “the hour has come for the true worshippers to worship the Lord in Spirit and Truth,” John 4:23.

The truth of who God is will fuel your worship and the Spirit of God will empower your feet to carry you to the house of the Lord for the very purpose of worship. My prayer for my life and yours is as follows:

Dear Father I want to daily worship you personally and I want to lead in worship in my home. Dear Lord I want to lead in my workplace and in my church and ultimately I want to worship you before all men.

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