What Did You Hear? (Psalm 95,97-98)

For he is our God,
    and we are the people of his pasture,
    and the sheep of his hand.
Today, if you hear his voice, Psalm 95:7

It sometimes happens in a flash and at other times it happens like a down-pour. You ask, what happens. Sometimes a persons slight comment will strike your heart like a flash of lightening. At other times it will be in a heated conversation that will destroy your spirit like a down-pour from a flash flood.

It is what we hear that often dictates how our day will proceed. This morning I had the honor of spending my first two hours alone with God. His was the dominate voice in my ear. I am so thankful for all the flock at Jackson First Baptist who provide for my family so that I can spend two hours with God. My day is so much better because I know who He is, what He says, and what He will do in the day.

I know some who read this have already been bombarded with work, worry, and the war-fare of life. I know your life is far harder than mine. I know that you are a great warrior in Christ. But I also know that the enemy is always trying to put a seed of doubt or discouragement in your ear. I know he is trying to cloud your mind and heart.

There is a sure way to overcome him. Daily set aside time to read and heed God’s Word. Before us in Psalm 95 is an example of how the Word of God can win the day for you.

The Psalmist begins by challenging the reader to praise the Lord (Vs: 1-2). Someone said, “Attitude determines altitude.” This is so true. But it is an incomplete statement. Here is a better statement: Being attentive to God changes your attitude so that your altitude is in the Heavens where God speaks louder than does our enemy.

We see this in Psalm 95.

Be attentive to who God is:

  • He is great.
  • He is the greatest King.
  • He is God above all other Gods.
  • He has perfect wisdom.
  • He is the creator who is in complete control of His creation.
  • He calls His followers His sheep.
  • He cares for His sheep.

Question: Did you need to hear this today?

When we are attentive, it affects our attitude. Now we have reason to praise the Lord. As we praise the Lord our confidence in Him for our day grows. Suddenly our altitude has taken us above the clouds of worry, work, and war-fare!!! Now we are ready to face the day.

Brothers and sisters, if your altitude is low, get in a place where you can listen carefully to God. What’s next will be amazing.

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