Where Could I Go? (Psalm 121, 123-125, 128-130)

O Israel, hope in the Lord!
    For with the Lord there is steadfast love,
    and with him is plentiful redemption. Psalm 130:7

As a child I secretly enjoyed the fifth Sunday hymn sing night services at our country church. The reason I use the word secretly is because I never said anything to anyone about liking to sing the songs of the faith. But deep inside of me there was something special about those times when we were called to worship the Lord in song.

As the people of Israel traveled each year to Jerusalem for special feast times, God had written songs of ascent (as they went up) for the people to sing. Year after year this would take place. Now that I am older and am no longer a secret worshipper, I can sing opening the Psalms.

Psalm 130 is one of the Psalms that teach us about the amazing love and redemption of God. The Psalmist understood the common lot of all humanity. He knew all are born as sinners. He also knew if God had not provided a way for men to be redeemed, all men would spend eternity apart from God in Hell. Here is how he worded this truth:

If you, O Lord, should mark iniquities,
    O Lord, who could stand?
But with you there is forgiveness,
    that you may be feared.

I am so glad that Jesus loves me and I am so glad that Jesus loves you.

In Psalm 130 we are reminded that we can always go to the Lord with every circumstance of life. From my childhood I have know this truth. One of the songs that spoke to me as a boy was the song written by J.B. Coats entitled “Where could I go but to the Lord.” Here are part of the lyrics of this song:

Living below, in this old sinful world
Hardly a comfort can afford
Striving alone to face temptation so
Now won’t you tell me Where could I go but to the Lord
Where could I go (could I go) oh where could I go (could I go)
Seeking the refuge for my soul (for my soul)
Needing a friend (needing a friend) to save me in the end (in the end)
Won’t you tell me
Where could I go but to the Lord

As a little boy I first heard that I could go to the Lord. This day I invite you to go to the Lord with whatever you are facing today. This day I invite you to seek His cleansing for the failures that are breaking your heart. This day I invite you to sit before Him and feel His wonderful love. There is no one like our Lord. Yes, He is the one we call upon in all times. Here is how the Psalmist began Psalm 130:

 Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord!
    O Lord, hear my voice!
Let your ears be attentive
    to the voice of my pleas for mercy!

2 questions:

  1. How long has it been since you truly worshiped before the Lord?
  2. Will you find a quiet place for just a few minutes to be alone with God and just worship Him?

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