Do You See Him There? (Deuteronomy 32-34; Psalm 91)

If they were wise, they would understand this;
    they would discern their latter end! Deuteronomy 32:29

Lean in with your mind and spiritual eyes. Do you see Moses in Deuteronomy 34? I see him in my minds eyes climbing Mount Nebo (34:2). Moses is a 120 year-old man who is defying nature. Look at him as he goes up the side of the mountain. It seems that each step is faster than the one before. Look closer as he nears the top of the mountain. Finally, he’s there. Do you see the joy in his face and glimmer in his eyes? I cannot imagine what is in Moses mind as he scans the Promised Land.

But wait, the clouds are coming down on Mount Nebo. I can’t see him. Oh, but wait, the clouds are lifting now. But where is Moses. Brothers and sisters, Moses is no where to be found? Let’s ask God, where is Moses?

Did you hear what God said? He said (34:10-11), He is with me. Wow! The man of God is now with the Lord in the Heavenly Promised Land.

Brothers and sisters, I do not know if this is how it happened. But I do know, Moses is with the Lord. I also know that every-time I get to this place in reading through the Bible, I start to reflect on my own life. In doing this I always consider what we see in Moses example:

  1. We see that Moses served the one-true God, 32:4.
  2. We see that Moses God loved a people who often did not love Him, 32:10.
  3. We see that Moses lead a large family that could not lead themselves:
    1. They did not really know Moses God.
    2. They forgot who He was.
    3. They did not understand where they were headed, 32:29.

4. We see that Moses sacrificed earthly blessings for a moment in the spot-light, 33:51-52.

5. We see that Moses was blessed beyond measure by God, 34:10-11.

6. We see Moses crossing over into the Heavenly Promised Land where he would await the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, Rev. 19:6-8.

I pray you take time in your devotions to read through the references I placed before you in this blog. I also pray that you do as I do each time I read these chapters, especially chapter 34. I always ask God, have I or am I doing anything that would disqualify our family, our church-family, or our nation from being blessed by Him?

With all my heart I want to come to the end of my journey having lived a life that would point people to Jesus, Deut. 32:29!!! I want the same for you.

2 questions:

  1. If your life ended today, would you be pleased with the work you have completed?
  2. What are the things you need to do in order to complete your work here?

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