Arguing With God (Job 38:1-40:2)

“Shall a faultfinder contend with the Almighty?
    He who argues with God, let him answer it.” Job 40:2

My night was restless as I could not get certain subjects off my mind. I would sleep for a while and then I would be praying for a while. I am sure you have been where I was last night. When I awoke this morning, I came to Job 38-40. As I read God’s response to Job, I began to consider the content of my prayers before God.

Not to get to far ahead, I assume you remember Job. He was the guy who found himself in a great trial of faith. For 36 chapters in Job we have been watching as Job tries to figure out what was happening in his life.

In chapter 38 God begins to answer Job. He tells Job to man up (38:3). The next two chapters of Job always takes away my breath as I walk through God’s questions to Job. I sit in awe of the Creator. Each time God asks Job, where were you, I find myself feeling smaller and smaller in the universe. By the end of chapter 39 I feel like a flee on the earth.

Brothers and sisters, Job has been accusing and questioning the one True God. This is Almighty God that Job has been critical. Suddenly Job realized he had no grounds for his critical comments or his arguments.

Brothers and sisters, be assured God will someday answer (in His time) all the questions you have. But for now, God has called us not to be argumentative with Him, but to align with Him.

I can thankfully say, my prayers this morning were of intercession for people to align with the will of God. But I must confess there are those times when I do argue with God. Even in those times, it is because of grace that He works in my behalf.

2 Questions:

  1. According to Mark 8:31-33 Peter was arguing with God. What was the argument?
  2. Are you arguing with God? Read Philippians 4:4-9 and consider what your proper response should be to God.

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