Filtering through other people’s opinions (Job 32-34)

17 I also will answer with my share;
    I also will declare my opinion.
18 For I am full of words;
    the spirit within me constrains me. Job 32:17-18

Brothers and sisters, I am always amazed at the on-time power of God’s Word. In every circumstance in life God’s Word is on-time and on-target!

Consider with me the heated arguments in our land today. Everyone seems to have their own opinion and everyone believes their opinion is correct. I honestly cannot grasp the diversity in people’s opinions.

Here is what God has taught me: I must filter everything I think and hear through God’s Word. This week I have heard opinion after opinion concerning our times. These opinions come from the deep-wells of people’s hearts. People often speak out of one of the following wells:

The well of a predisposed opinion. The well of anger or resentment. The well of a closed mind. The well of a mind saturated with God’s Word.

Which well do you currently draw from?

In the continuing debate between Job and his friends, we are introduced to a young man (32:1). His name was Elihu. He had (32:6) been patiently listening to the debate between Job and his friends. He had hoped they would arrive at the correct answer, but instead they had debated to a stand-off. Because things stalled out the young man could no longer hold his tongue any longer.

As he takes the floor to speak, he offers three statements about where his words were coming from:

  1. He declares his opinions are from God, 32:8.
  2. He declares that he will be impartial, 32:21.
  3. He declares that his heart is right with God, 33:3.

Brothers and sisters, who would not want to hear the opinion of someone who was this way? In chapters 32-34 we find his opinions. I must confess there is so much good theology in these chapters. I wrote down 8 theologically correct statements Elihu made about God. However, there was one thing that was not right about Elihu’s opinion. He did not know all that God knew (34:34-37). He thought he did, but he did not.

The older I get the more I realize how little I know. Yes I am growing in Christ and yes I am called to make wise decisions. But I must never think I know more than God or as much as God. I call upon Him every day because He alone has all wisdom. There have been many instances when I have spoken the wrong thing because I did not have all the facts.

Take time when filtering through what others say. Never be quick in response and never be prideful in thinking you know more than others. Take every opinion before God’s Word. He has the answer you need.

Two questions:

  1. Read Romans 12:3 and ask yourself about how you have been considering others opinions.
  2. Read Proverbs 3:5-6 and write down God’s directions for your life.

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