A Desperate Man (Job 10-13)

How many are my iniquities and my sins?
    Make me know my transgression and my sin. Job 13:23

As we consider together Job 10-12 the man of God (Job) had become a desperate man. Brothers and sisters, as I wrote that last sentence I wondered, can it be possible for a man or woman of God to come to a place of desperation? I believe the weight of Scripture and the weight of countless testimonies point us to a “yes” answer.

Job did not understand why God had placed him in such difficulty. Job did not understand all the trials he was facing (10:3). But Job did know that His creator (10:9-12) was the only hope he had. Job had experienced the goodness of God and now in this difficult time, Job came to a place of desperation.

According to Job’s rebuttal of his friends (13:4), they were of no help to Job. They actually made things worse instead of better. Together Jobs friends had only one answer for what Job was going through. They believed Job must be in sin (11:12-13). I pray you take the time to place yourself in Job’s thoughts as you read these chapters. I was reminded of three truths as I read these chapters:

  • Be careful about judging others when you have not walked in their shoes, 12:5.
  • Trust in God’s unchanging character when the weather changes in your life, 13:15.
  • Take every feeling and thought before God, Job 10-13, He can handle it.

These truths come to us out of Job’s deep season of desperation. Oh I hope you and I lean into our times of desperation. I know there are things that God has reserved for the deep end of the pool of life. You will never discover them in the shallow end. There is nothing wrong with desperation as long as you are drawn closer to the Lord.

2 questions:

  1. Read Matthew 11:25-30 and ask yourself how can God lead you through desperate times?
  2. What lessons have you learned in your times of desperation? Write down your answers and commit to sharing them with others.

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