Steady Now (John 5-6)

40 For this is the will of my Father, that everyone who looks on the Son and believes in him should have eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day.” John 6:40

Welcome to 2021. Yes, we made it! The Lord’s goodness is still flowing from the throne of Heaven. As we begin this new year, there are new heights of faith to reach and there will be new attempts by Satan to knock the church off its course.

When I think about where we are in this world, I think about a phrase I have used in stressful times. I have so many times said, “Keith, steady now. Have faith in God.” I said this just a few days ago when I read the news report that the new type of Covid-19 had been identified in the US. I also said this when I read a CNN article written by a reporter who was honest in saying. “we have done all that has been asked of us and it’s not working.”

Brothers and sisters, is there something we are missing? Have you and I found ourselves doing everything people tell us to do and still it is no better?

In John 6 we read of Jesus great miracle of feeding 5000 men plus their families. John pulls back the veil of people’s hearts and reveals that the multitudes wanted Jesus to be their king (6:14-15). But Jesus would have no part in it because they were unsteady in their allegiance. They were following Jesus for what they could get in the moment. They were fair weather followers. When times would get tough, they would not be steady.

Brothers and sisters, why do you follow Jesus? Brothers and sisters, where will you follow Jesus?

In John 6, I find truth that steadies my mind and heart:

  • Jesus is the Bread of Life-in Him I have eternal life.
  • Jesus as the Bread of life calls all people to embrace Him by taking to heart (by faith) all that He says He is.
  • Jesus as the Bread of life leads us in good times and in tough times.

Oh how I find myself being steadied as I write this. Let me simplify this even more:

  • Jesus is God’s Son (The Living Bread of Life).
  • Jesus calls all people to believe in Him.
  • Jesus calls all people to a life of courage in Him.

The crowds did not understand or believe this so they bailed out. What will you and I do in 2021? I believe the church will follow Jesus because we know He alone has the words of eternal life. Brothers and sisters, our calling is clear:

  1. We are to enter the area of life each day knowing we have eternal life in Jesus.
  2. We are to rescue the perishing knowing that God the Father is drawing people to the light.
  3. We are to shepherd the flock of God knowing that His Bread of Life empowers us to do the impossible.

Dear brother or sister, let us together move forward for the glory of God.

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