So Much To Do (Ephesians 3-4)

10 so that through the church the manifold wisdom of God might now be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly places.  Ephesians 3:10

I can’t believe it, it’s already Thursday. This is hard to grasp, even in a year of pandemic we are so busy. Brothers and sisters, be honest, your days are filled with activity just as are mine.

I know this is true because everyone I meet is in a hurry. Back in April of 2020 people were saying, I like the shut down because it has taken away the things that used to keep me so busy. Question: Are you right back to where you were before?

The church at Ephesus was very busy. However, they were not busy with useless things. Paul commends the church for their faithfulness (1:3). Paul also reminds the church of God’s grace at work in them and through them (2:8-10). In chapter 4 Paul reveals to the church the awesome honor they have been given in carrying the gospel to their city and beyond.

As Paul closes chapter 3, he prays not only for the church at Ephesus, he prays for every church including your church and the church I serve. In his prayer we discover a God who’s plans are beyond our mortal understanding and we discover a God who’s power is boundless.

Question: Have you been busy with God’s plan and have you been working out spiritually in His power?

Oh how I pray this for your life and for my life. You see, we each have a choice at the very beginning of each day. We must decided whether to busy ourselves with God’s plan or to busy ourselves with our plans.

Daniel Henderson encourages us to embrace God’s plan through Bible Study and Prayer. His words leap from the page:

“Let God start your daily conversation (prayer) by reading His Word as the first activity of your day. He will guide your conversation based on His living, powerful, and unchanging truth.” Maxim, Jim, “21 Days of Breakthrough Prayer.”

Brothers and sisters when we begin our days with fellowship with God in His Word and in prayer our minds are set on what God has for us. Yes, the day will be busy, but it will be productive for matters of eternity.

If you are feeling stressed, it could be because you are swimming in a world filled with the storms of activity with no real purpose. Get out of such waters by getting in the boat with Jesus! His boat is so different (Mark. 4:35-42).

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