It Never Gets Old (Ephesians 1-2)

But  God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us, Ephesians 2:4

I truly do not have a clue as to how many times I have read Ephesians 2:4. But I do know this, it never gets old. Each time I read this wonderful verse and the context of it’s purpose I find myself freshly filled with praise and thanks to the God of my salvation.

So many times I have wondered where I would be today had it not been for the mercy of God. You ask, what kind of person were you before Jesus came into your life? Oh, have you not heard? I was walking the familiar path of every lost person. I was following Satan, even though I would have argued that I was not. I was headed down dead end streets as one who was a child of wrath. Yes, this was me and it could possibly be you?

Now is the good part, “BUT GOD.” Yes, it is true, the Creator of the Universe came into my life and revealed to me my sinful condition and the mystery of His will. This was nothing short of the mercy of God. This God sent Jesus to die in my place so that by faith I could be reconciled to God. His redemption was the price that was paid for my sins to be cleansed.

I boast in Christ alone. I believe even my faith is a gift from God. Truly I can say, I don’t know where I would be if not for God’s grace. To this day, grace has never gotten old.

Oh how I want to remind you (if you are a Christian) that what God did for me, He did for you. I challenge you to take time this day to consider all He has done for you. Everything you have came from God Himself (Eph. 1:1-3).

I also want to challenge you to meet others on the road of life and share with them what God did for you and what He wants to do for them. I know you love others and I know you want to share the love of Christ with them. It is so easy when you are oozing with the great grace of God!!!

If you are not a Christ-follower, but know God is calling you (and He is), I want to help you. Here is my personal email. Reach out, I am waiting for you.

I love each of you in the Lord and I am looking forward to seeing you out in the world for the glory of God!

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