What Are Your Views? (Acts 28)

22 But we desire to hear from you what your views are, for with regard to this sect we know that everywhere it is spoken against.” Acts 28:22

For those of you who are connected to Social Media, I must ask, what are your views? As I wrote the last sentence I just realized that you may take my question in a way I am not asking.

I am not referring to the number of times people have “viewed” your post or how many times people have “viewed” our worship services. No, I am referring to what are you views about life, God, and the world?

I know Social Media can stir up some feelings that you really don’t want to own. I have talked with people who have in recent days have hid other people, de-friended other people, or harshly responded to other people’s social media views.

I want you to know that I believe God intends for His Church to use this tool of social media to reach the world. Even as I write these words I am thinking about one of the eight miracle prayers I am daily placing before my Lord. I am asking God for our media ministry to blanket the world with the gospel.

The question comes to our minds this morning is this: What is the correct way to use social media?

Now in Paul’s day there was no social media, no big discovery there. In Paul’s day there was the spreading of views by word of mouth. When Paul arrived in Rome, there had as of yet not arrived any negative news about Paul.

I love how Paul draws a crowd together and proclaims the gospel. He calls the gospel, “the hope of Israel.” Brothers and sisters get this: Paul’s willingness to put himself out there led to many people hearing his views (28:22). Now this is big: PAUL’S VIEWS WERE SIMPLY THE WORD OF GOD.

I believe social media is God’s gift to the church to get the gospel to all people.

Below I have listed six Bible tips that will lead you to effective ministry in social media:

  1. Make a commitment to read others views with the intent of reaching them.
  2. Focus on God’s Word as the views you want to share with others.
  3. Make sure you have a Biblical basis for all you post.
  4. Post only what brings glory to God.
  5. Be willing to face hatred, slander, and the intense battle with the world.
  6. Post as the Spirit leads and not as your anger leads.

In Paul’s day he engaged the people with the tools of the time. We see two responses from the people. There were those who believed and there were those who did not believe. Had Paul chosen any other method, no one would have truly belived.

I challenge you to not waste the opportunity you have been given to fill social media with Biblical views. Yes, Biblical truth will change the world!!!

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