Take Courage (Acts 22-23)

11 The following night the Lord stood by him and said, “Take courage, for as you have testified to the facts about me in Jerusalem, so you must testify also in Rome. Acts 23:11

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to watch a message from the Super Conference Pastor’s conference from 1990 recorded at Liberty University. There were two reasons why I wanted to watch Dr. D. James Kennedy’s message from that night 30 years ago.

First, it was because I was in the crowd with Sherry that night. We had just starting dating, it was our very first date.

Second, the message impacted me deeply because Dr. Kennedy told his own story of how God transformed him from a pastor who was afraid to share his faith into a man who could not keep from sharing his faith.

As I watched that message I was called back to how on fire God had me for Him in those days. I could not wait to share with others what the Lord had done for them. I must ask, where has the time gone so fast?

By the time we arrive in Acts 22, Paul had many years of experience of sharing his faith. But now the opposition was as tough as it had ever been and it was going to get worse. But through it all we see Paul was growing in his faith and in his influence in the gospel around the world.

What was it that led this man to take courage?

I believe it was his connection to Jesus. As Paul told the story of God’s conversion of his life, Paul spoke about the great light that he saw (22:6). We know this was the light of Jesus. Paul’s encounter was not just an event it was the beginning of Paul’s great exchange.

Paul who gave his life to the Law was now giving his life every day to the Lord Himself.

It is so true that Paul had fears and Paul had moments when he wanted to leave this world, but the light of Jesus was directing Him and leading Him forward.

I still remember saying to God on that October night in 1990, I will go wherever you want me to go and I will give my life sharing Jesus wherever you plant me. By the grace of God I am still saying this in 2020.

Oh how I am praying that the light of Jesus is leading you today! If you have gotten over in the shadows of church work and community work without a passion to be His light bearer, repent and come home to a full light walk with Jesus.

I love each of you and I am glad I get to walk with you in this journey.

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