Always? ( I Thessalonians 3-5)

For God has not destined us for wrath, but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ, 10 who died for us so that whether we are awake or asleep we might live with him.  I Thess. 5:9-10

Years ago, while attending a pastor’s conference, I heard a statement from a speaker that greatly troubled me. Now, you and I know people often take statements out of context, so I want to give you the context.

The leader was teaching concerning the pastor’s daily life of ministry. The leader was directing us to consider how we conduct ourselves in public and how we conduct ourselves in private. At one point he made this statement: You can only let your guard down in private.

When I heard the statement, immediately my spirit was convicted that this was not correct. Certainly the pastor was not directing us to live one way in public and another way in private.

Question: Do Christians have two separate ways of living life?

This week our nation will be subjected to the mud-throwing process of attempting to discredit the new candidate for the Supreme Court. If there is anything even remotely in the past of the candidate, it will be brought up.

As you and I seek to reach our world, the enemy will look for inconsistencies in our lives. If we have two different lives, it will come out. As Paul writes to the church at Thessalonica he commends them for their walk of faith and labor of love (3:6).

Paul prays that God would be able to establish that their hearts were blameless when He returned (3:13). Brothers and sisters, I take this very seriously.

This is why I entitled our blog for the day: “always.” The word always is defined as “at all times, on every occasion, does not change, and forever into the future.”

This is why Paul wrote: “…Whether we are awake or asleep we might live for Him.” 4:10

You and I have been called to a single life of devotion. We do not live a double life. We do not have times in the day when we let our guard down. We are the Lord’s.

On this Monday, I simply want to challenge you with this: Those who love Him have no desire to just live for Him part time.

In 1882 Ralph Hudson pined these words:

  1. My life, my love, I give to Thee,
    Thou Lamb of God who died for me;
    Oh, may I ever faithful be,
    My Savior and my God!

I’ll live for Him who died for me,
How happy then my life shall be!
I’ll live for Him who died for me,
My Savior and my God!

2. I now believe Thou dost receive,
For Thou hast died that I might live;
And now henceforth I’ll trust to Thee,
My Savior and my God!

3. Oh, Thou who died on Calvary,
To save my soul and make me free;
I’ll consecrate my life to Thee,
My Savior and my God!

This is my prayer for each of today!!!

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