Calling all worshippers to the house(Nehemiah 12)

“So both choirs of those who gave thanks stood in the house of God…” 12:40

In the days of Nehemiah the excitement was building as it came time for the dedication of the rebuilt walls around the city of Jerusalem.  The news began to spread, calling all worshippers (Levites) for the dedication.

Numbers 12 gives us list of some who came to worship.  The worship service was heard for miles away.

Question, how long has it been since you were in worship?  I know COVID-19 has hindered many people from being in worship.

When Covid-19 hit even our church closed its public worship services.  A few of us would come each week and worship together and proclaim the Word of God for multitudes of people online.  While I am thankful I was able to lead in this, I confess nothing replaces being together.

The Bible calls for the people of God to gather together, Heb. 10:25.  The encouragement of our family togetherness cannot be reached staying at home.  The power of the Word together is no where near the same as being together.

I know many of you are saying, I enjoy worshiping at home.  Here is my question: is this really what Jesus establishes the church for?  Check out Matt. 16:18.  I promise you, once you get to the house you will say, it’s good to be home.


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