Unprecedented Times (Joel 1-3)

Hear this, you elders;
    give ear, all inhabitants of the land!
Has such a thing happened in your days,
    or in the days of your fathers?
Tell your children of it, Joel 1:2

In every generation there are disasters, tragedies, and turn of events that lead people to identify such times as unprecedented times.  In the days of the prophet Joel there were such times.  This prophet called the people of his day to wake up to the reality of what was happening, (1:5).

The devastation was real, however the people seemed to be filled with drink which clouded their minds. Their nation was in both spiritual and economic ruin.  The prophet cried out to his nation, “be ashamed,” (1:10).

This prophet called His people to enter into repentance (1:13-18).  Joel calls the nation to mourning (Vs: 13) and he called the nation to assembly to consider what God was saying (1:14).  The prophet believed judgment was near (1:15).  Times would get worse (1:16-2).  It was time for the people to once again fear the Lord (2:1-11).

Brothers and sisters, Joel’s words are needed in our day.  What if our unprecedented time is truly the beginning of the end (The Great Tribulation)?  The prophet asks, Who can endure such a time? (2:11)

If this is indeed the last days or if it is not, you and I are being called by God to national repentance (2:12) and we as the church are being called to a return to righteous living (2:13).

The prophet asks an amazing question:  “Who knows if the Lord will relent and turn to leave a blessing?”  If He does praise the Lord.  But if He does not we praise the Lord in that we (the church) will be ready for His return.  If this is the last days, I know the Lord is going to have a great harvest of souls as the pouring out of the Holy Spirit will be greater than it has ever been (2:30-32).

Please join me in praying:  “Father, in this unprecedented time give us an unprecedented harvest!!!”

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