Weekend Edition (Just use what you have), Judges 4-5

“Most blessed of women be Jael,
    the wife of Heber the Kenite,
    of tent-dwelling women most blessed. Judges 5:24

Each person is blessed by the Lord to have at least one talent in this life.  Most people have more than one talent.  I think about our medical personnel who find themselves beyond exhaustion in their serving of others around the world.  Such servants are using their talents in harms way.  They need and deserve our prayers and thanks.

Question:  What talents do you have?

In FBC we have so many talented people who are using their talents for God’s glory.  Cheryl and Roy Reid are two people who fit this description.  Each week they serve so many people in so many ways.  This week I talked with a brother who said they had brought seven days worth of meals to them.  Every week I hear about those they cary to doctor’s appointments and those they work around their homes.  Every week they care for the next generation.  Now I know I am in trouble for using their names because they serve for God’s glory alone.  But their witness needs to be shared because, as they do, God is calling all believers to use what we have for God’s glory.

In the days of the Judges God called a guy by the name of Barak to lead God’s people to defeat Israel’s enemies (4:6-7).  But for some reason he would not use the talent God gave him.  He was waiting for someone else to get the ball rolling.  We know God used Deborah to get the ball rolling (4:1-9).  This guy used his talent only at the urging of someone else.

Brothers and sisters, you know God has already spoken to you about how you are to use your talents today.  Don’t wait to be asked.  Use what you have.  This morning Sherry and I prayed and asked God, How can we serve others today?

In Judges 4 a woman by the name of Jael (4:17) used the talent she had.  Her story is simple.  She lived with a people group who lived in tents.  Her job would have been to set up the tent for her family when they moved from place to place.  So naturally, when she saw that God could use her talent, she used it for God’s glory (4:21).

So important was her talent, God placed it for our example in Scripture (5:24-27).  Why it may be true that your name will not be in Scripture, you talent can make a world of difference in this day.

So stop waiting for an invitation from your neighbors. God has given you an invitation.  Use what you have for His glory!!!  I look forward to seeing you out there today!

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