Our test (Judges 1-3)

Now these are the nations that the Lord left, to test Israel by them, that is, all in Israel who had not experienced all the wars in Canaan. It was only in order that the generations of the people of Israel might know war, to teach war to those who had not known it before. Judges 3:1-2

The headlines this morning brought my busy morning to a stand-still.  As I stared at the heading:  CV-19 tops 1000 deaths in the US, I prayed, “Father, where are all those people in eternity now?” I also prayed “Father, where are all those who died of other diseases this hour?”  Brothers and sisters, this is our test.

4000 plus years ago, God’s people faced another test-God had brought them into the Promised Land.  The book of Judges began with two realities:

  1. The people of God had a massive task before them.  There was still more nations to be conquered.
  2. The people of God had a major text before them.

Did the brothers and sisters obey God all those years ago?  You know the answer, it is recorded for us on the pages of the book of Judges. At first (Judges 1:1) the people asked God for His battle plan and victory came.  But then things changed.  Instead of eradicating the enemy, they allowed the enemy to stay.

When sin is allowed to remain, it will eventually rule the day!!!

The Bible says, God did not remove the enemy without a fight because He intended for each generation to understand the war with the enemy.  Every generation faces the same circumstances.  The question is, will our generation obey the Lord?

When I reflect on my generation, I feel shame and sorrow.  In my early days I remember TV programs beginning to cross the line in moral behavior.  Few pushed back and past the test (but most remained as silent participant’s).  This is why, when you turn on the TV today, you see sexual perversion of every kind and lawless behavior.

Just as God did not drive out the enemy with ease, you and I must awaken to the need to walk in a spiritual war-like mentality.  We need to spiritually go to war in the following ways:

  • The church must reestablish holiness in our hearts, homes, and in our churches.
  • The church must return to humility in seeking to give glory to God in all things.
  • The church must come back to brokenness in our hearts for a lost and dying world.
  • The church must push back against a society who seeks to worship other gods.

This is our testing ground.  The CV-19 is not the task it is the test to see if we will again listen to God.   Church let us arise to listen and obey!!!  Our future depends on it.



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