What does it cost? (Jeremiah 16-17)

 on the mountains in the open country. Your wealth and all your treasures I will give for spoil as the price of your high places for sin throughout all your territory. Jeremiah 17:3

When I read Jeremiah 16-17, the follow words come rushing into my mind: “Israel was about to pay a high price for low living.”

Jesus challenged His listeners to do the following: “Count the cost,” Luke 14:28.

I wonder, if you and I daily take the time to count the cost of what we are striving for in life.  When God spoke to Jeremiah, the people were about to pay the highest of prices for what they were enjoying.

First, what were they enjoying?  They were enjoying pagan worship, sexual pleasure in ungodly ways, the riches of God without even giving thanks to God.  They were enjoying the blessings of the sabbath without even considering God and they were following the path laid out for them by their deceptive hearts which directed them to follow an evil will.

Second, what did it cost Israel to enjoy such things?  It cost them their families, their heritage, their homeland, and their future.

Brothers and sisters, this was a price far too high to pay.

As I reflect on this truth, I can not help but compare this to our day.  I wonder if the people of our nation take time to consider the cost for what we are doing today?

As a pastor I am praying the following for our nation:  Father break the power of sin and open the eyes of all Americans to see the evil in their hearts.  Father change our hearts. Give us new hearts that desire to take in the living water given by your Son Jesus Christ. Lead us Father to places of true worship with a desire to set aside one day each week to worship you as you are worthy.

Brothers and sisters, I know Jesus is our answer (John 7:37-38).  I know Jesus is coming again (Joel 2:12-13) and I know Jesus is all I need in every season of life (Jeremiah 17:7-8).

Oh that our land would count the cost and follow the one who paid it all so that we could be free!!!

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