Tears (Jeremiah 13-14)

But if you will not listen,
    my soul will weep in secret for your pride;
my eyes will weep bitterly and run down with tears,
    because the Lord‘s flock has been taken captive. Jeremiah 13:17

Is there anyone who reads this, who is wiping the tears while you read?  I believe, as Jeremiah writes these words he was wiping the tears from his eyes and maybe from the scroll he was writing on.

You ask, why was he crying?  Maybe the better question might be, are we crying?  Anyone that really knows me, knows I cry freely.  My kids always make fun of my crying.  There was once a time when I asked God to take away the tears from my soul.  Those were the most miserable six months of my life.  I was so glad when God forgave me for such a foolish prayer.

Jeremiah cried because God was about to judge His chosen people for their sin.  Brothers and sisters, you and I have a reason to cry.  I believe judgment is coming against our nation unless we turn around.

Jeremiah pleads with his nation to turn back to God. Unashamedly Jeremiah said, unless you repent my soul will weep.  What did he mean by, “my soul will weep?”  Was this just an emotional response?  This was far more than an emotional response, Jeremiah was broken in his soul for his people.  Yes, he did shed tears through his eyes, but the spring from which the fountain flowed was his soul.

I wonder, does the Lord shed tears for humanity? We know from John 11:35 that Jesus wept for his friend.  I believe the Scriptures teach us of God’s soul being broken for you and I.

Brothers and sisters, if God cries out for us, should we not also be crying out to Him for the souls of our fellow man?

David cried out for his people in II Samuel 23.  Jesus cried out for Israel in Matthew 9:35-38.  Even from the cross He cried out for us.

This very day, I have reason to cry to God for this land and for these our fellow friends and neighbors.

Let me challenge you on this Tuesday to take time to pray and to take time to consider the plight of the people in this world.  May the Lord lead you and I to tears in our souls.

When someone has tears in their soul, it moves them to accomplish the task of sharing Christ with those they are crying for!!!  II Cor. 5:20 “Tho Christ were pleading through us!”

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