Washing my Idol (Jeremiah 10)

Their idols[b] are like scarecrows in a cucumber field,
    and they cannot speak;
they have to be carried,
    for they cannot walk.
Do not be afraid of them,
    for they cannot do evil,
    neither is it in them to do good.” Jeremiah 10:5

It was a gift like no other.  My parents gave me a new red Chevy pickup when I turned eighteen.  I remember the first few years I had the pickup.  I washed it, what now seems like, every day.  I kept the inside spotless, and I think I even occasionally talked with it.

So, here is my question:  Was my truck an idol?

Someone has defined an idol as anything we place above God in worship, adoration, or service.

In Jeremiah 10, we find a description of Israel’s idols:  They were creatures of human hands.  They had no real life.  They had to be carried by the very men who created them.

In Vs: 5 Jeremiah puts idols in their place.  We are not to fear them and we are not to offer them undeserved praise.

Jeremiah teaches us about the God we should praise:  He is great, all-powerful, the all-knowing God. He is from everlasting to everlasting,. He is the creator of all things and He controls all things.

As I read Jeremiah 10, I looked back to my past.  I have to admit, the truck was a god in my young life.  But as I repent and reflect I realize it was God who provided the truck for me, it was God who made it last so very long, it was God who directed my steps all along the way and even now God is directing my every step (Vs: 23).

Here are three prayers I offered God this morning:

  1. Lord, I praise you for being the one wise King.
  2. Lord, correct me by removing all idols from my life.
  3. Lord, turn people away from idols and lead them to serve you.

May this be our story today:

For they themselves report concerning us the kind of reception we had among you, and how you turned to God from idols to serve the living and true God,

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