Insults (I Peter 4)

14 If you are insulted for the name of Christ, you are blessed, because the Spirit of glory[b] and of God rests upon you.  I Peter 4:14

There was anger in his voice as he approached me. The guy was mumbling something, but I could not make it out.  Finally I heard him say, “I do not have to put up with insults.”  My first response was to calm him down.  My second action was to find out what happened.

Once calmed down the person said, the person insulted his sports team.  Brothers and sisters, now I got insulted (just kidding).  Sadly, most of the times our feelings of insults come from things that really have little significance in life.

However, what Peter is writing about has great significance.

Question:  Are you easily insulted or are you one to easily insult others?

The Bible teaches us to not be insulting to others, I Cor. 10:32

The word insulted is translated as “reproaches in the KJV.”  This word is translated as ridiculed in other places.  Here is the deal: Peter is teaching us how to handle circumstances when someone is ridiculing us and insulting us because of our faith.

Peter says, we are blessed if the Jesus is us is being insulted.  By their insults the insulter is giving you assurance of true faith and confidence that His light is shining from your life.  You are being insulted for the name of Christ.

So what should our response be?

  1. Do not allow the insults to catch you off guard,
  2. Allow the insults to be your platform for the gospel.
  3. Don’t respond too insults with insults. (Vs: 15)
  4. Do not allow the insults to discourage your faith.  (Vs: 16-17)
  5. Trust God with the insult and live out your faith doing God’s will from the heart (Vs: 18).

Our world has far too much useless (sports teams) and harmful (issues that count) insults as it is.  Let us, as Christ followers, be influencers for the glory of God.

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