A Different “Now” (Daniel 5)

”And you his son, Belshazzar have not humbled yourself against the Lord of heaven…” Daniel 5:23

They were different than day light and dark.  Their viewpoints were different and their dispositions were totally the opposite.  It was hard to believe they were father and grandson.  But this is exactly how it came to be between Nebuchadnezzar and his grandson, “Belshazzar.”

Yesterday we looked at Nebuchadnezzar’s life and today his grandson.  One thing comes rushing into my heart, these men were at one point alike, until God stepped into the picture.  What came to the be the difference in these two men?

  • One man humbled himself before the True God.
  • One man would not humble himself before the True God.

Oh, how many countless times I have seen this in families.  Could it be that one family member was smarter or more disciplined than the other?  We know, according to God’s Word, this is not the case.  The difference is in the heart attitude toward God.  You have heard of our God have you not?

He is the creator God, Acts 17:31, who reveals himself to men, Rev. 3:20.

He is the God who desires all people to be saved, II Peter 3:9.

He is the God who made a way for all people to be in relationship with God the Father, I Tim. 2:3-6.

He is the God who will not force anyone to follow Him, Eph. 2:4-54.

So the issue of the difference between father and grandson is an issue of the heart.  Jesus said, “out of the heart comes the issues of life…” Mk. 7:21.  Paul writes of how Satan comes and places before men’s eyes the pursuits of this life, II Cor. 4:4.  Men embrace the world system with all of their hearts.  They have no room for God because they see no need for God.  This was how Belshazzar lived his life.

However, God invaded Nebuchadnezzar life with truth that humbled him (Daniel 4) and changed him.  His heart changed (II Cor. 4:5-6) and he became a different man (II Cor. 5:7).

So how could these men be so different?  It’s simple, one man humbled himself before God and became a child of God (John 1:12) and the other hardened himself before God and defiantly faced the judgment of God.

Question: Where do the members of your family find themselves?  As I write this I am sitting at a table on vacation with my family, praising God that He has saved each of us.  I am praying that my grandson will someday open his heart to this Jesus.  I am praying for all those on my list of “who’s your one.”  And I am pleading with God for those in our flock who have lost loved ones.

This day I leave you with the sure hope that Jesus is opening the eyes of the blind and He is opening the hearts of those we think can never change their hearts!!!  Keep praying and keep sharing what God has placed in your heart.  It will someday pay off.

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