Who Is Your God (Daniel 3)

”…And who is the god who will deliver you out of my hands.” Daniel 3:16

Each new day brings challenges and choices.  For example I was up extremely late last evening.  I had a challenge before me the next morning.  Would I get up like I always do or would I listen to my body’s call to stay in bed.  I had a choice.

Now I now my challenge was much less serious than many of the choices you are faced with today.  The challenge for each of you is this, which God will you chose to listen to and follow?

In the book of Daniel we see both challenges and choices on every page.  In our reading for today a group of Jewish young men (we do not know the number) are faced with a challenge, would they bow to the God’s of their captors and worship the golden image their leader had set up.

For all but three in the group, there was only one choice.  They bowed.  But for the three, they would not and could not bow because they were  servants of the living God.

Brothers and sisters, what would you do?  Here is why the choice was no for the three:

  1.  They were following the One True God.
  2. They loved and honored the One True God.
  3. They knew they would be at odds with the dead gods of the world.

This very day, I am praying for each of you as you face life’s challenges.  The choice is simple, if you are following the correct God.  If the challenge places you in the fire’s of life, be reminded, there is one who walks in the fire with you.

By the way, I did get up early and I want you to know, it was worth it!  The day was very much effective because God gave me what I needed in those early hours of the day.

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