Why me Lord? (Daniel 2)

30 But as for me, this mystery has been revealed to me, not because of any wisdom that I have more than all the living, but in order that the interpretation may be made known to the king, and that you may know the thoughts of your mind. Daniel 2:30

Years ago there was a song written entitled, “Why me Lord.”  Here are a few lyrics from the song: “Why me Lord, what have I ever done, to deserve even one of the pleasures I have known.”  This morning I took the time to look up the song and its author. I am now sitting here with tears praising God for all that he has done for me!

I believe Daniel must have felt the same way in his blessings from God.  Daniel has always been in my life, a hero who understood the importance of the largeness of God in his life.  In chapter one we read of how Daniel passed the test in public because his faith was firmly placed in both principle and practice focusing on the glory of God.

Here in chapter two Daniel we get a glimpse of Daniel’s high view of God.  Daniel’s influence was great because God was ever increasing in Daniel and the “i” of self was diminishing.

Daniel knew he was favored because of God’s mercy (Vs: 18).  Daniel understood the might of God and the majesty of God.  There was no one who compared to Daniel’s God.  Daniel’s mission in life was simple:  He was to lift up the name of God wherever the Lord placed him.

Here in chapter 2 God places Daniel in a position of interpreting a dream that saved the lives of hundreds of people who hated Daniel. Daniel is in a position to reveal to the king the sovereign plans of Holy God.  By the end of chapter 4, the earthy king is a follower of the eternal king!

Brothers and sisters, has God given you and I influence in this world?  If He has, I ask, let us use it for His glory!!!

The smaller you and I become, the greater His influence in and through our lives.

John the Baptist said it best:  “He must increase and I must decrease.”  John 3:30

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