Tested in Public ? (Daniel 1)

13 Then let our appearance and the appearance of the youths who eat the king’s food be observed by you, and deal with your servants according to what you see. Daniel 1:13

Recently a media fire storm was set off in the church when a Georgia man and woman became a part of a TV show called “Bachelorette.”  You can read Bucky Kennedy’s bog posts at his website for more details.  The fire storm came as these two Christians were far less than perfect in their actions on the show.  Bucky summed it up best when he wrote, “Luke was not spiritually prepared for what he faced.”

Has there ever been anyone else in this place?  I have more times than I want to admit.

When it comes to putting our faith to the test in public there are no less than two considerations:

  • There are amazing possibilities.

The Bible reveals the impact in Matthew 5:13-16. As our light shines the light impacts  and reaches more people than we can imagine.  For those who are willing to place their lives in the Media Fishbowl there are amazing possibilities.

  • There will be agonizing problems.

First you will often be quoted out of context, count on it. Also every past sin will be brought out and if you have any weak spots in the present they will be magnified.  However, if you are repentant (for the past) and real (for Jesus) in the present great things can and will happen for God’s glory.

Here are some insightful points to consider:

  1. If you are spiritually strong in your belief system, the light of Christ will shine in the darkness.
  2. If you are Spirit-filled the enemy will have to flee, I John 4:4.
  3. If you are Spiritually protected with God’s Armor (Eph. 6:10-18) you will take ground from the enemy.

Daniel is a great example of a spiritually strong believer.  Daniel both knew what God required of His life and Daniel was already living out the requirements.  This is why he was willing to stand up in a crowd and speak for this was already his conviction and practice in life.  Daniel was Spirit-filled in saying, “Test us.”  Daniel had the armor of God on for those ten days.  The proof was in the results ten days later, but also for the next 70 years as he was a leader in three different administrations.

Question:  Do you and I want to be used by God? If so, we need to get ready for the test.  Here is how to always be ready:

  • Dedicate your life to knowing and living out God’s Word.
  • Deepen your dependence on the Holy Spirit, Eph. 1:18.
  • Do not make a move without putting on the Armor of God.

Certainly there will be moments when we fail.  When we do fail we need to repent and get back in the race (I John 1:9), the test is still going on and God wants to use you!!!

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