The Next Generation (Psalm 78)

that the next generation might know them,
    the children yet unborn,
and arise and tell them to their children, Psalm 78:6

Last week I found myself at almost a loss of hope for the people on the island of Utila because of the generations of darkness I experienced.  But as I considered the hopelessness of the place I was reminded of the eternal hope in Christ that comes to all who receive Him.  34 children prayed to receive Christ last week. Out of those 34 if 10 are serious they can turn the island upside down for Jesus.

Question:  How did life become so dark for those people?  I do not have the for sure answer for them, but we do have the path before us in Psalm 78 that ensures the truth of the gospel going forth to all nations.

In Psalm 78, the author calls for all people to listen and then to share what they hear.  The Psalmist informs his readers about the glorious truth of who God is. Here are a few characteristics of God that we find in this chapter:

  • He is a merciful God.
  • He is a mighty God who does marvelous deeds.
  • He is a God who directs His people.
  • He is the Shepherd of His sheep.
  • He is the judge of all the earth.

Brothers and sisters, these characteristics alone are enough to reach the world.  Recently I heard a dad say to his son, “I will get to it son, just not today.”  Truly good intents are nice but good intentions alone without follow through leaves people in the same condition we find them in.

Here are five actions we can take to ensure the next generation receives the good news of Jesus Christ:

  1. Dig deep in God’s Word every day seeking to know who He is.
  2. Delight in teaching the next generation about God.
  3. Dedicate yourself to mentoring the next generation in how to live with and for God.
  4. Dedicate yourself to be an authentic witness before this generation and all those generations to come.

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