The One and Only One (Exodus 20)

“You shall have no other gods before[a] me. Exodus 20:3

A couple of days ago over 20 of our kids responded to the gospel call at VBS.  I was so blessed to see kids respond in the same way that we see them respond in Malawi.  As I shared the gospel with them I wanted to make sure they knew exactly who they were committing their lives too.

In Exodus 20, God was making sure in the first four commandments that the Children of Israel knew who He was. He wanted to make sure they knew what He required of those in covenant with Him.

Lets be reminded together who God is:

  1. He is the one true God (There are no other Gods besides Him).
  2. He cannot possible be made into an idol or statue of any kind (Man cannot comprehend who He is).
  3. He is not to be taken lightly by using His name other than in honorable ways (We do not swear by His name).
  4. He asks us to set aside one day a week and give it to worship, rest, and refueling.

Is God your one and only God?  As I considered the first four commandments, I began to write down my prayer to God:

Yahweh, you are my God.  You are alone Lord in my life. I could never compare you to anything made by my mind, hand, or imagination.  As Lord, I worship you with honorable conversation about you. I will set aside one day each week to worship, rest, and refuel.  Thank you for revealing yourself to me.

Brothers and sisters, if God is your one God, you will find yourself treating others different.  You would never mistreat your parents.  You would never lie, steal, or murder others.  You would never take someone else’s spouse and you certainly would never covet what belonged to them.

This is the life we live when Christ is our Lord and Savior.  If you find yourself struggling with one of the commandments today, maybe it is an issue of Lordship?  Think through the commandments and come home to the One True God!!!

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