Where the Vultures Gather (Matthew 24)

28 Wherever the corpse is, there the vultures will gather. Matthew 24:28

They had to be the biggest vultures I had ever seen.  I am not exaggerating when I say, there were hundreds of these vultures in the tree-lines in the swamp behind our house.  We each knew there was something big that had died.  Our oldest son went to investigate.  A few minutes later he returned saying there was a large hog that was dead and the vultures were gathering for a feast.

As Jesus comes out of the temple for the last time(24:1) the disciples did not have the scene of vultures on their minds.  They had in mind that Jesus was going to establish His earthly kingdom.  There were several things they needed to get straight in their minds:

  • Jesus was going to the cross.

On no less than three occasions Jesus told His disciples, I am going to suffer, die, and be resurrected, Matthew 20:17-19.  Each time the disciples did not get it.

  • The disciples would face a corrupt world.

In verses 5-12 Jesus described the corrupt days they would live in and the same corrupt days you and I would live in.  They would face false teachers, constant wars between nations and hatred among its residence.  Families would be against each other and hatred and misery would increase.  This is our day as well.

  • Jesus would come again (His Second-Coming).

The Disciples thought He would establish His rule in their day, but for over 2000 years the corruption in the world has continued.  Jesus teaches us, Vs: 15-26, that there will be 7 years of heightened corruption (tribulation) before Jesus returns.  All will know when He comes, it will be as obvious as lighting traveling across the skies.

When he comes the vultures will gather to feast on the dead at the battle of Armageddon.  What a terrible picture this is, but what a sobering reminder of what the world is coming to.  But at the same time this is a gracious reminder of how good God has been to us.  Finally this is a warning signal for the church to be about the business of reaching people before the day of the vulture comes!!!

Brothers and sisters, I am ready because I have been to the cross!  Brothers and sisters, I am overcoming the corruption because I am abiding in Christ.  Brothers and sisters, I am prepared and waiting for the Kings arrival.

This is God’s Word to us on this Friday.

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