Better than I deserve (Matthew 20)

”And am I  not allowed to do what I choose with what belongs to me?  Or do you begrudge my generosity?” Matthew 20:15

As I sit here reading God’s Word, I am blessed more than I deserve.  I am having a cup of coffee in a motel lobby waiting for the others to come down.  Across from me are many different types of people.  Occasionally I look up from my Bible to notice people.

There is a guy close to me who is cussing every other word it seems. He is laughing and cutting jokes (I guess).  Down from him is another man who is opening a briefcase (I didn’t know they still made them). He is quit and being kind to all walk by him.  Farther away is a father doing his best to feed the two little ones.

Each of these people and many more are blessed more than they realize.

As I consider all of this, it is out of the parable Jesus is giving here in Matthew 20 (The Labor in the vineyard). The vineyard belongs to God and He is the one selecting labors to work in his vineyard.  He selects some at the beginning of the day and others throughout the day.  Suddenly the day is over and even those who were lazy and came to work for only one hour received their wages.

The people who had been there all day were upset because they thought they deserved more.  We certainly see the picture of Israel who thought she deserved more than any other people group.

The point for us is clear.  God is a gracious God who gives each of us far more than we deserve!

The deep cut in me is clear:  God is far more gracious than I can comprehend.  He is a God who offers gracious mercy to all each day and then He offers salvation to all who ask.  So it is clear, the man who is cussing can be saved.  The man who is quite can be saved and the father with his children can be saved.

But wait, they cannot without an invitation.  Brothers and sisters, that is our job in the vineyard, so I need to stop blogging and start sowing!!!  I pray this will be your day as well.

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