Why the Bible? (II Peter 1)

19 And we have the prophetic word more fully confirmed, to which you will do well to pay attention as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts, II Peter 1:19

I was a young man, who had finally surrendered fully to obey my Lord.  I can still remember the multitude of questions that began to fill my mind.  One of those questions was this, “why do we believe the Bible?”

I can still remember approaching my pastor with fear.  Was I blaspheming by even having such questions?  I can still remember the kindness by which my pastor took me aside and shared with me the glorious truth of why we believe the Bible.

In II Peter 1, the Apostle Peter does the same for us.

Keep in mind, Peter is writing to people who are fellow believers (1:1) who are hearing false teachers (2:1-25).  Peter knows the Word of God is the antidote to false teaching.

  • Peter writes of the blessings God gives His people in order for them to grow in faith, Vs: 3-8.

God’s power is in the Holy Spirit and His promises come from His Word.  He gives His people different desires that led to a disciplined life of growing in Christ.

  • Peter writes out of his burden to get God’s Word before the church, Vs: 9-15.

Peter knows he is about to die and he wants to make sure the church in the ages to come would have God’s Word before them.  He wanted the church to be established in truth.

I believe Peter anticipates the question that was coming.  Here is the question: “Why do we believe the Bible?” Peter’s answer is the answer we need:

  1. This book is not man’s way of producing a following after men.
  2. This book comes directly from God.  Peter writes of a day when he saw God, when he heard God speak and teach.  He is writing as one who is simply taking down the words God is speaking.
  3. This book reminds us of the moment when the Morning Star (Jesus) will return.

To all who read this I say, you can trust the Word of God!

Trust leads to traction in our lives which results in action in our lives

We trust:  This is God’s Word.

We have traction: I want to know God.

We have action: I am growing in the Lord.

When this happens, Peter assures us, we will never fail!

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