What will it take? (John 13)

”A New Commandment I give to you, that you love one another; just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another.” John 13:34

It happens in every Christians life from time to time.  It usually comes when you least expect it.  It happened with Missionary Ovi yesterday.  What happened?  Let me tell you the story first and then I will tell you what happened.

It was at the end of the Pastor’s conference.  We were sharing a meal together.  Ovi called out to the pastors and said, “if anyone of you need to talk with me personally about a need, come now.”  I watched as 4 pastors moved toward Ovi and waited their turn to talk with him.”  It was here when it happened.

I saw it covering his face and I saw it as his shoulders began to slump.  Ovi was feeling the weight of so much need.  When we got in the car he said,”I wonder if I am even making a difference?”

Do you ever feel this way?  I certainly do.  When I think about the hate in this world and the darkness that drives it I wonder, what will it take to change this world?

In such moments the Devil raises his head and whispers to us, you are wasting your time.  You are not making a difference.

Every Christian knows this feeling.

This morning I point you to John 13 as your weapon of response to the enemy.  You and I are a mighty tool in God’s hands when we are surrendered to the God who loves us and who fills us with His love.  We truly are changing the world one life at a time.

Jesus is the solution to the hate in our world.  But the solution is polluted when you and I allow the enemy to discourage us or when we allow sin to get a foothold in our lives.

Here is the big deal: You and I are called to love others the way Jesus loves us.  Here are a few ways Jesus loved and loves us:

  • His love was and is self-giving, Heb. 12:3 “He willingly with joy went to the cross.”
  • His love was and is sacrificial, Phil. 2:5-6, He gave up everything for us.
  • His love was and is truly a servants love, John 13:16.
  • His love was and is sustaining, Phil. 4:19.  He will provide all we need.
  • His love was and is eternal, John 3:16.

Certainly you and I cannot save anyone. It is Jesus who washes men and women (Vs: 8).  But we can love others like Jesus did in every other way.

Are we making a difference?  I am sure of this:

  1.  If I am clean before God (I am His child), I know I am making a difference.
  2. If I am staying clean before God (Vs: 10), daily dealing with sin, I know I am making a difference.

Missionary Ovi you are making a difference. Brothers and sisters, all will know you and I are making a difference (Disciples) as we love like Him!

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