Our hearts desire (Romans 10)

Brothers, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for them is that they may be saved. Romans 10:1

Last week I met a man who in his own words said, “I will never believe in the existence of God.” This man was the most confident non-believer I have ever encountered in my life.  It seemed that no matter what I said, he was always confident that I was wrong.

After two plus hours I walked away sad for the condition of his mind and heart.  But at the same time I walked away with an increased awareness of the darkness in men’s hearts.  In some ways I believe I can identify with Paul’s heart for his countrymen in Romans 10.

These were people who wanted to earn their own way to heaven.  These were people who rejected Jesus as their Messiah. These were people who daily defying God.  But still Paul agonized over them (Romans 9:1-2).

Question: Keith, where is your heart for your fellow-man?

This question comes at me with the power of a dam breaking.  I see even more the need of the world around me.  My desire is simply this: “All men would be saved.”  Yes, all men would be saved from their wickedness and the wrath of God.

Is this your heart today?  If this is my heart and your heart attitude, we need to follow God’s path for gospel impact:

  1. We must accept the call to be sent to share.
  2. We must share the gospel with people around us.
  3. We must seek to share so they will hear.
  4. We must pray to the Lord to save those who hear.

Here is something I know you know. Our nation cannot call on the God they have never heard about and our nation will not call on God without knowing why.

So, let us open up the gates of our hearts to the gospel call.  Men’s lives hang in the balance.

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