The eagerness of Paul (Romans 1)

 15 So I am eager to preach the gospel to you also who are in Rome. Romans 1:15

I have read Romans 1 so many times, but today I read it with a freshness that welds my heart to Paul’s heart in Vs: 15.

Question: “are you eager as a Christ-follower.  The Message translates verse 15 as follows, I can’t wait to get to Rome so I can preach the gospel to you.”  The New Living Translation renders the verse as: “I am eager to come to you in Rome…”

How does a person keep this eagerness year after year?  I believe we find our answer early in the book of Romans.  Paul identifies himself as a servant who has been called as an Apostle.  This calling is to proclaim the gospel to all nations.

When we understand our status (Servant), our service (to and through the local church), and our assignment (Preach to the nations), we will have an eagerness of life.

We see it in Romans 1 in Paul’s’ life:

  • Paul was truly eager to sever the church, Vs: 8-11.  He wanted to share his spiritual gifts with the church.
  • Paul was truly eager to lead the church, Vs: 12-14.  He knew they would grow even more if he could be there to help.
  • Paul was truly eager to proclaim the gospel, Vs: 14-17.

These three realities in Paul’s daily life led to his daily eagerness of life.  When he came to the end of his life, he had this same eagerness to finish the race (II Timothy 4:6-7).

No matter where you spiritually find yourself today, God has a renewed vision for your life.  He has called you to be a servant to His church in proclaiming the gospel to the nations.  This is truly the eagerness in my heart today!!!

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