A boat load of truth (Luke 6; Matthew 12)

40 A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone when he is fully trained will be like his teacher. Luke 6:40

Luke six begins with teaching concerning the Lord’s day and Luke six ends with teaching concerning our salvation.  In between there is a boat load of truth.

Here is something that I have learned over the years.  I cannot personally just filter through some many things in one setting.  I have to take time to digest each truth one at a time.

As you spent this year as an apprentice of Jesus, take the time to digest each truth fully.  This takes time.  It would be good to have a journal to take notes in.  You could cover one part in your morning devotion.  Take your lunch break to look at another.  Spend your evening quiet time with one more.

This morning I am going to look only at two things I need to digest in this day:

  1. Loving my enemies, Vs: 27-36.
  2. Proper judgment of others, Vs: 37-42.

Loving others:

Jesus gives us a direct command: “Love your enemies.”  I ask the question, How can I do this?  Jesus said, “when they hate you, love them by doing good.”  Jesus said, “when they curse you, bless them in response.”  Jesus said, “When they abuse you, pray for them.”  Jesus said, “when they strike out at you, do not strike back.”  Jesus said, “when they steal, offer more than they take.”

Honestly, in this moment I have people in mind who are enemies.  I cry out to God, help me to do this.  Show me the way.  Jesus responds:

  • Connect with my Father-He is a God of mercy and He is kind to those who are ungrateful.
  • Train at the feet of Jesus. Each day allow His life to mold your life.

Proper judgment of others:

I believe Jesus is clear here.  We are to begin with self inspection.  This self inspection is a process where you and I start with God’s Word.  We then bow and meditate on what God has said.  We then test what is said with our accountability partners.

After this process we are ready to clearly help others.

Again, I need to be at Jesus feet, training every day!!!

This is a boat load of truth.  But remember, Jesus is in the boat with you!!!

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