The news around the church (Revelation 2)

 And all the churches will know that I am he who searches mind and heart, and I will give to each of you according to your works.  Rev. 2:23b

In our day of modern media communication it has become common for churches to get out the news of their activities through websites, Facebook, and many other media tools.  Question: “What is the news around your church?”

Certainly we know that most churches are very good at spreading the news of upcoming events, but when was the last time you heard of a church that was struggling or about to split?

The fact is, we do hear these stories through the tried and true method of word of mouth.  This morning we hear the news about seven specific churches in Revelation 2-3.  This day we will focus on the first four.  Here is what Jesus reports about these churches:

  • In Ephesus Jesus reports of the churches abandoning of their love of Him.

This church was serving but not worshipping Jesus.  They were busy but they were not busting at the seams in love with Jesus.  The way back was through turning away (repenting) from those other loves.  When they turned away they were also to turn back to the love they had for Jesus at the first.

  • In Smyrna Jesus reports of the churches willingness to suffer for the gospel.

This church was being slandered and they were facing the frontal attack of Satan.  Jesus encourages them to have no fear because they would be given eternal life.

  • In Pergamum Jesus reports of the churches various views.  The church had faithful members, compromising members, and carnal members.

This church was warned and this church was instructed to disciple those who were compromising and carnal.

  • In Thyatria Jesus reports of the churches tolerating sin in the church.

Again the church is told to repent and to disciple those who were unrepentant.

The key verse is verse 23 where Jesus says: “All the churches will know what I see.”

Brothers and sisters this is very sobering to me this day.  I realize we should never try to cover up the news of what is wrong in our churches.  We should do our best under God’s authority to seek repentance and restoration in those areas of sin.  We should do our best to see God’s refreshment in areas of apathy and we should seek God’s power to reach beyond the walls of our churches to the next city and the next county and the next country.

Father, may we each see what you see.  May we repent of what is wrong.  Lead us to be refreshed and lead us to remain faithful in our ever-present trials.  Direct up to reach beyond the walls for your glory.

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